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Pixieset is easy to use, practical, and a quick solution to getting your images quickly after I have finished editing.

Below are basic steps outlining how to share, download and store your photos safely and enjoy them for years to come!


Also, while viewing your gallery, be sure to check our Print Shop to print your new photos!

Step 1
When your pictures are finished being edited, you will receive an email that looks like this. From here, scroll down and click the "View Photos" button near the bottom of the email.
Bentley 1.PNG
Step 2
A new screen will open and appear like this. To view the gallery, simply scroll down or click the small arrow underneath the name at the bottom of the screen.
Benny 1.PNG
Step 3
Your gallery will now appear. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them and scroll to see more.
Benny 2.PNG
Step 4
If you click to open a picture, it will look like this. To download it, click on the middle button to the top right of the screen (the arrow pointing down to a line).
Benny 3.PNG
Step 5
Once you click the download button, a screen like this will pop up asking for your email address. Type it in, then click the "Sign In" button.
Benny 4.PNG
Step 6
Now, choose which way you want to download your photo. You can download it to your computer, to Dropbox, or to Google Photos. Keep in mind, these steps may be a bit different if you are doing this on an Apple or Android device.
Benny 5.PNG
Step 7
Your photo should now be downloaded to your computer. You should receive a pop-up bar near the bottom of your screen showing the photo download.
Benny 6.PNG
Step 8
Print your photos! We now have a print shop that will allow you to choose photos to be printed and delivered to your home. Simply click the shopping cart at the top of the screen.
Benny 8.PNG
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